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Convenient & Flexible

Growing in popularity with nearly a third of our courses are now offered as an online courses.

Technology is making it easier for everyone to learn and up skill at home. You can now learn at your own pace at home with online course material and videos you can start, stop and pause as you go.

You’re in control and we know you'll love it! These training courses from First Aid Direct are engaging and teach you exactly what you need to know.

Our Academy HQ

First Aid Direct Academy HQ is the platform where you will be able to take the course of your choice, online, anytime and anywhere.

Our unique Learning Management System means that everyone can take our online courses on their Laptop, Tablet or even their Smartphone.

Savings on Cost & Downtime

You can benefit from huge savings on cost should you choose to take our course online in comparison to the traditional instructor group structure. Many of our clients are reporting savings up to 65% decrease in training costs as a result of moving to our online training academy. Huge savings on downtime can be achieved from taking your preferred courses online.

Who Should Attend?

Protecting your self and your business is necessary in today’s legalistic environment to minimise injury and unnecessary legal claims.
Incorrect manual lifting, unable to perform basic first aid care, not familiar with basic food safety etc can lead to many situations at work, resulting in injury etc protect yourself and your staff now.

  • All Adults, Parents and Teachers
  • All Teenagers, Team Leaders
  • All Sporting organisations including Managers and Coaching Staff


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